Driving Innovation & Quality: A Video Series

This series tells the story of Carmody Quality Solutions        
our scientific approach to Quality, our "Pillars of a VQA Culture," and what makes CQS different.

1. Why Work with Carmody Quality Solutions 

Training 1
2. Building a Voluntary QA Culture 

Lab with Michelle

3. Training as the Foundation

 Lab with man
4. The Importance of Collaboration

5. The Importance of Expectations & Accountability

 Lab computer
6. Quality as a Strategic Partner  QualityPartner


Special Thanks to:

Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives: Kevin O'Sullivan, Jon Weaver, Michele Pitoniak-Crawford, and Karri Freeland. 

- Dr. David Tabatadze and Kathleen Tran of Zata Pharmaceuticals.

- Diego Vargas Blanco, Johanna Santos, and Elizabeth Crowley.

- WPI’s Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center Staff. 



























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